Insightful Ideas, Inc. has been developing Asset Allocation Models since 1996 and delivering mutual fund investment research since 2003.  To learn more about how we use @Risk for Monte Carlo simulation studies for asset allocation, read our Case Study on the Palisade web site.

As a result of some of our research during 2007 – 2009 we developed a service called Dynamic RebalancingSM. We use this process to answer two age old questions for managing investment portfolios: When do we rebalance and how much do we rebalance? Using this dynamic approach we let the market tell us both answers.

While Dynamic RebalancingSM can help any investment portfolio in the long run, it is currently being used in some Pension Plans along with a some Custom Target Date portfolios. It is that second area that we are looking into taking one step further, by finding a partner to develop a new Target Date Fund series. This series would have a diversified asset allocation that incorporates Dynamic RebalancingSM. Our goal is to create a product line that helps investors to balance rewards and risks as they prepare for a comfortable retirement. If you would like to talk about this insightful idea give Joe a call.

While operating as a small business in various forms since 1992, we have accumulated considerable knowledge about running a small company. One of the first decisions you should make before opening a business is to decide which form of business to use. Here is a magazine article written several years ago about Incorporating your small business.

For small business owners, one of the most important factors for the financial success of your business is marketing. Over the years, we have written a few articles on marketing that we would like to share with you: Top Ten Tips for Marketing Your Business, Marketing Yourself, or Networking for Success.